Freelancers: Why Should You Be Co-working?

Posted by Monique Canuti on 13 Nov, 2014

Programmers and coders are solitary kinds of people. A developer plus a computer, throw an internet connection in: you get a nice new website.

Obviously these are very outdated views of website development. Whether it’s big or small, local or international, a web development project requires human communication and interaction to ensure it works well for and is understood by the people who will be using it. And it’s a creative process (yes, even the code!).

Some freelance developers, however, still lack that team environment, even if it is just by default of not working in an office.

Back in 2012, Brian Green of Insiteful Web Design recognised this and set up his Drupal Coworking Day meet up so that freelance Drupal developers could come and work together in one space. They can help each other out on their projects, learn about Drupal from each other, or just stay quiet and enjoy the office-like environment. It also nicely fits with the community ethic that surrounds Drupal.

Drupal Coworking Day 2



Drupal coworking day

The Drupal Coworking Day is now held twice a month at various venues, and this week was our first time hosting it. We’ve got plenty of free office space so thought we’d make the most of it and help some fellow Drupalers out. Looking forward to hosting again in December!

Spaces are limited on Drupal Coworking Days so make sure you book up quickly on the Meet Up page. Dates are released about two weeks before each event.