The Future of Digital in the Public Sector

by Jenny Jahans on 02 Oct, 2014

Image credit: Open Data Institute / Brendan Lea

Slightly late news – but important news, nevertheless!

Back in July our Director, Leon Tong, was voted to join techUK’s Public Services Board (PSB). techUK (if you’re not familiar, you should be!) is the UK’s industry union for the technology sector. They do loads of cool stuff to support both the companies and individuals who are involved in and contribute to our country’s thriving technology industry. This includes hosting a large number of events which really help to connect and encourage the tech community, as well as creating and backing member groups such as the Public Services Board.

So, what is the Public Services Board?

The PSB has brought together eight senior members from eight small and large UK digital and technology businesses. And, as you may have guessed, their focus lies on public sector services, and how they can be better developed, delivered and innovated.

Over 350 of techUK’s members put their vote in to decide on the final eight representatives. As well as our Director, Leon, the other elected members are:

And what do they do?

The priority of the elected PSB board is to open up new ideas and promote them to the public sector. As they’ve been voted from a wide range of company types (all focussed on digital, of course), this means we’re getting nice, well-rounded opinions and actions on the digital future of the public sector!

Find out more the Public Services Board’s goals, actions and events on the techUK public sector platform.


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