Internship at BrightLemon

What it’s like to do an internship at a London digital agency.

by Lucy Craddock

We believe in the importance of giving young and fresh tech talent the opportunity to hone their skills in the workplace of a digital agency. Not only do our internships offer development and training for the intern, but the individual also has the chance to play a crucial part in the transformation and development of the business. We value our interns highly and do our absolute best to ensure that our internships are enjoyable, beneficial and rewarding.

Our latest intern, Lucy Craddock, has given an insight into what it’s like to do an internship at BrightLemon.

Why did you choose BrightLemon for an internship?

“I was looking to intern because I wanted to gain experience in an office environment at a digital agency, before starting my apprenticeship with Airbus. It’s a 4 year degree course in Digital and Technology Solutions whilst working full-time for them, so this internship was my idea of a holiday.

“I chose BrightLemon because they had experience with working with companies on the same scale as Airbus, for example: MTV, BITC, University of Cambridge,CIMA – I could go on.”

How did you find the internship at the beginning?

Moving from the white cliffs of Dover to the hustle and bustle of London was a daunting thing for me. However, BrightLemon’s warm community made me feel really welcome. From the moment I walked through the door, I was given everything I needed.

“Set up on my own laptop with a company Google account, I spent the first day just looking through the company’s resources. Having grievances with my college over their local 2000’s database system, being told that ‘everything is on Google drive’ was a dream come true.”

What did the internship involve?

“I spent the first week researching the company, marketing strategies, pitching blog ideas and creating the BrightLemon email signature.

These tasks were feelers for my efficiency and skills. Once they knew by capabilities, I was quickly put to work.

My tasks were sporadic in skill, time and in variety. I could be software testing, analysing BrightLemon’s twitter account, training in Drupal, creating icons in Adobe Illustrator or decorating the office wall – typical intern stuff.

Within a few weeks into my internship, I had gained skills in software testing and Drupal, along with real-life experience in data analytics, as I started auditing the BrightLemon website. From here, I learnt about SEO techniques and tactics, analysing competitors and creating a strategy with clear instructions to complete a task.”

What did you learn during the internship?

“The biggest lesson I learned overall was communication. Having spent my entire school life as the only girl who had interest in Computer Science, I was very used to doing things on my own accord and with only myself for company. Working with clients as big as BITC, Cambridge and MTV, communication is very important for the company, as they work between themselves and gather requirements from clients. It’s incredibly important that everyone is on the same page, and I’d underestimated this in my school years.”

How would you summarise your internship?

“Overall, the company was very friendly and I settled in quite quickly. My favourite part of working at BrightLemon was seeing my hard work and gathered skills being implemented and effectively improving the company. It was a worthwhile experience that I doubt will get old once I fully start my career as a data scientist.”

What advice would you give to those applying for a digital internship?

“My advice to those looking to do an internship at a Digital Agency is to never feel like you’re bothering people. They expect you to inform them of any details you find, any problems you have and to give an overview of your work.

And don’t be so scared of emails! Before, I used to spend hours looking over my emails for typos, phrasing and grammar. Now they are something that barely takes a second thought and the quicker you get over this, the better.

One last tip? You can never be too prepared!

Good luck!