Local Invest Showcase – a Drupal Case Study

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Vincenzo Gambino on 13 Aug, 2015

Local Invest Showcase website is operated by for UK Trade and Investment (UKTI). BrightLemon were commissioned to design, build and support the site. Vincenzo is a Drupal developer here at BrightLemon and he was part of the project team for this site build. We took some time to ask Vinny a few questions about the project.


Why was Drupal a good fit for this project?

UKTI wanted to create an online platform that could grow as they needed. Due the flexibility of Drupal we have been able to give the client stable releases starting with a simple site with few content types. Then over time we have added more complex functionality such as a styled search interface and multilingual support. 

During development what problems were faced and how did you work with Drupal / the client to solve these problems?

The client asked for the site to be multilingual. They wanted to start with a specific section and then extend translation to the whole site. We used the Entity Translation module and we enabled translation only on a few content types. This configuration flexibility ensured our client had full control over which content types had translation enabled, as well as the power to turn translation on and off for new and existing content types respectively.

What specific feature did you like most about this project?

I like the homepage map with its custom background and bubbles which change position based on pin position. We used Google Maps and SmartInfoWindow to create this.

How much of the site was built using native Drupal and how much was custom built?

Drupal delivered most of the functionality with the basic installation such as content types taxonomy, search etc.

Is there anything you’d like to add to additional phases?

I would like to improve the site’s search engine by implementing Drupal’s Solr module. This would make the search function faster and more accurate. 

In what ways does this project showcase BrightLemon putting the User Experience first?

The site is fully responsive and works well on touch screen devices of all sizes.

Key Lesson(s) Learned?

Drupal is easy to expand and easy to maintain.

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