Mentoring Workshop with the Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award

by Jenny Jahans on 29 Sep, 2014

Image credit: Leon Cynch

Technology companies and interest in digital careers are on the rise, that’s a given (at least by default of living in a technological era). And along with this, young people’s mindsets are veering towards the idea of entrepreneurship and new business, according to UnLtd. So, if we consider these two statements alongside the fact that about 99.99% (real stats, of course) of companies nowadays work with digital in one way or another, we can deduce that many young potential entrepreneurs will want to learn more about digital when considering their futures.

So, after that little lesson in logic from me, what’s being done about the UK’s budding businessmen and women…?

UK school’s are becoming more and more reflective of the digital environment they exist in, both in terms of curricular and non-curricular learning. As of this month, all schools must include technology in their teaching, primarily coding. More is being done about promoting coding and development outside of classroom hours, too. Code Club are really pioneering this at the moment by providing after school clubs for kids aged 9-11 run by volunteers who work in the technology sector. It’s really great to see there’s an organisation that’s been encouraging children to get involved.

And what else is being done?

It’s not just school-based learning that’s happening. Mentor schemes have been popping up that use the knowledge and experience of those who work in the tech industry. One of them was July’s iDEA workshop that our Director, Leon Tong, mentored at. iDEA is a combined effort between The Duke of York and the Nominet Trust that supports young people’s digital careers and entrepreneurial aims and it results in an award and grant for three winners to realise their business. The structure of the awarding process follows the Government Digital Service (GDS) service manual structure of alpha, beta, live.

Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award gds

iDEA realises that whilst many young people may have the motivation and aspiration to become entrepreneurs and build their own businesses, they still need guidance and support. Leon helped do just that with some of this year’s iDEA nominees when he mentored at one of their workshops back in July.

BIMA are getting involved too

On October 8th Leon is going to be leading a presentation day for students at Hackney Community College for the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) D-Day. Watch this space for more info! And in the meantime, here’s a nice photo of some of the iDEA mentor team.

iDEA mentoring