My Time at BrightLemon: a Community Not a Company

Image credit: Brian Neudorff

by our intern, Henry

From the 5th until the 8th of August I spent my time working within the community of BrightLemon and although a short stay here, there was still much to absorb, learn and take in from my experiences and surroundings.

Furthermore the last few days have given me an invaluable insight into the structure and workings of a digital agency; the roles of the individuals and teams and also the long-term relationships that are built up between BrightLemon and its clients.

My first task involved grasping an idea of the structure within BrightLemon which included interviewing various team members to understand how projects, time and budget are managed to ensure the quality of products requested by clients. So I set out interviewing various areas of the team and community such as Developers, who build the web sites based on specifications required by the clients; Designers, who produce the look and feel of the page through colour schemes or typography; Software Testers, whose role involves ensuring the functionality and quality of the product while looking for issues and bugs; Sales and Business Development Managers, who develop lasting relationships with clients before, throughout and after a project is completed and Project Managers who not only manage the time, budget and progress of a project but also establish an understanding of the clients priorities for a project.

I also had the privilege to attend various internal meetings and further develop my understanding of how team members can come together to discuss priorities, issues and progress with an overall goal to ensure the highest quality web page possible and therefore strengthen the unique relationships that BrightLemon has with its clients. I also observed the importance of communication, especially in a digital agency within the world of constantly changing and progressing technology, which enables efficiency and productivity but within the community of BrightLemon this was not a problem.

BrightLemon has allowed me to develop and achieve new, valuable, skills through its environment and my experiences, giving me a strong understanding of a digital agency through interviewing many teammates, viewing the importance of communication within a business while also the critical role of time, budget and progress management and also recognising the overall aims of BrightLemon to achieve high quality websites to create community and long-lasting relationships.

Altogether, through my time here at BrightLemon, I have found that each role is not defined by the individual, each project is not defined as ‘company and client’ and most importantly BrightLemon cannot be defined as a company but instead as a valuable team working with and interacting together to achieve a common goal: community.