Mysql Co-Founder, David Axmark, at Drupal Camp London

Posted by
Leon Tong on 18 Mar, 2013

David is one of the founders of MySQL AB and a developer of the free database server, MySQL, the world’s most used open source relational database management system.

David Axmark was the keynote speaker at Drupal Camp London and organisers Tim Deeson and Leon Tong asked David the following questions:

  • Which sector will see the next billion dollars Open Source company?
  • What impact do patents have on Open Source software?
  • In the early days of MySql did patents become a threat or issue you had to deal with?
  • Do you think the fact MySql was an Open Source project helped?
  • What innovation in database technology will have the biggest impact in the next few years?
  • Do you think any hardware innovations like SSD will be game changers that will change the software?
  • Any left-field innovations that may come out of nowhere that are more obscure than NoSql?
  • Do you see any parallels between the Drupal project and the MySql project?
  • Is there any advice you can give to Drupal to ensure innovation and growth?
  • Do you see, from a community perspective, different pains because MySql was more centrally developed?
  • What would you do differently if you could do MySql from the beginning again?
  • What top pieces of advice would you give to a startup Open Source company?


Recorded by: Stefan van Hooft at Drupal Camp London


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