Mysql.Com Features Two Platforms Built by Brightlemon

by Leon Tong

Market leader MySQL is an open source database management system, providing fast performance and high reliability which makes it the perfect partner for Brightlemon to deliver robust and effective social networking solutions.  

The platform, which was heavily featured on MySQL, came out of BrightLemon London, an experienced web team specialising in the online creation, development and maintenance — in particular for public sector and educational websites.

As experienced Web developers, the team understood that speed, flexibility, scalability and ease of integration are all key to delivering successful online projects. They also knew that for young audiences, sites need to offer social networking capabilities such as those offered by platforms such as Facebook.

We use the application infrastructure based on MySQL software, which is deployed in the majority of the world’s top social networking sites. MySQL has become the natural choice for Brightlemon as well.

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