Open Doors: Getting Into Digital

by Matt Rogers

As a Drupal agency, “community” and “giving back” are truly embedded in our DNA. This blog post covers one of the ways the team have recently given back to the community.

We were approached and visited by the wonderful team at Creative Skillset. The purpose of their visit was to brief us on an important mission (we take this our work seriously!). To host an event for students on “Getting A Job In Digital”.

The objectives of this mission were simple, but by no means easy to accomplish!

Objective 1: Get a few team members to speak to 20-30 students about their job for a few hours

Objective 2: Ensure all students see how exciting, challenging, diverse and interesting the world of digital really is.

The event kicked off with all staff speaking to the attendees about their path into digital. This was a real eye opener, not just for the attendees, but for the team too!

Here we learnt that Vincenzo could have been repairing PCs if he hadn’t gone into programming and that Zak could have been locked up in a lab slicing up the brains of dead animals! This was really useful to the attendees as it showed them that there’s no “one” path into digital and that a degree isn’t always required.

The team then spoke about the function their roles play in a digital project, with Alex and Zak starting off on what a Project Manager does on a Digital project. Vincenzo then walked the students through a typical day on the development side, and Matt and Will covered the sales aspect. Our HR Manager, John then gave an eye opening talk on the application process, where he shed some light on common mistakes applicants make and how to remedy them. You can read John’s blog on this here.

Once the talking was over, everyone made their way to the kitchen area / library where the atmosphere was truly energised (and not just because of all the free Pizza!). During this time, all attendees had the opportunity to talk to the BrightLemon team and ask them any additional questions they had. It’s fair to say that the  staff were dishing out both great career advice and pizza (literally!) during this time.

Before everyone could go home, the team from Creative Skillset announced the competition that we agreed to sponsor: 3 “careers coaching” sessions by one of our staff members. More on this at a later date!

By the time the clock struck 8, most of the attendees had made their way home and the team finished off the great evening by taking a few selfies to commemorate the day!

To watch highlights of the event, see the YouTube video here:

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