Really Useful Group Choose Brightlemon

Posted by
Jenny Jahans on 22 Oct, 2013

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Group approached us with a request for the build of an internal online system to manage their musical theatre productions.

Owned and founded by Andrew Lloyd Webber, the Really Useful Group is an international organisation that produces and coordinates his musicals. His musicals form a large part of the world’s major musical productions, therefore their management system needs to be intuitive enough to manage a large amount of information and data.

With one RUG office in musical productions hometown of London, and one all the way down under in Sydney – the Really Useful Group’s administrative team require us to build a system that can help all necessary departments stay in sync and support their current work, as well as help them plan for the future of RUG.

Development work has already begun on the new system. We look forward to completing the build that will bring the RUG team ease of management and planning – then they can get back to focus on putting on shows!

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