Social Web for Museums, Galleries and Education

by Leon Tong

As a part of Social Media Week, BrightLemon hosted the Building the Social Web for Museums, Galleries and Education event at CASS Business School, Moorgate. The idea was to bring together some leading figures of the Museum, Gallery and Education industry to discuss their best practices in social media and to learn how they promote learning and engage audiences.

namebadesWe managed to secure some great speakers from the heritage sector, representing some renowned national institutions such as the Victoria and Albert MuseumTate and the Natural History Museum. Also, parallel to these, we also enlisted some technical experts who concentrated on discussing future technologies, this was John Galvin of i01 and Chris Waring of Talis.

All given a strict 10 minutes each, the presentations created a great diversity of discussions. The institutional representatives mainly spoke of their social activities now, whilst the technical experts tried to explain future technologies and how they can benefit particular online campaigns – especially around areas of shared data.

Building the Social Wed for Museums, Galleries and Education took place in the middle of Social Media Week, a global initiative of events, meetups and workshops around the world.


Thanks to all our presenters for keeping to the 10 minute rule, it turned out to be a great format.socialmediaweek

John Galvin (@suncao)

Passionate about Open Source and industry standards, John talked passionately about the semantic web and how it can benefit the Museum, Gallery and Education sectors if used properly, John always provides interesting online examples of how the semantic web can help find data. How the semantic web will impact Museums, Galleries & Education

Leon Tong (@brightlemon)

Leon Tong is the founder and director of BrightLemon. He discussed the popularity of Social Networks in comparison to philosophical theories such as The Human Genome Map, The Long Tail, Social Comparison and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. VAristotle to Facebook, The popularity of Social Networks – explained by over 2000 years of academic thought

Sheila Sang (@sheilasang)

Sheila Sang is the Special Projects Director for Interactive Media at the Natural History Museum and she provided some interesting examples of how the Natural History Museum creates active advocates by using social media. Developing audience involvement, engagement and participation

Paul Clifford (@MuseumofLondon)

Museum of London Paul is currently the Digital Programmes Manager at the Museum of London and he put on an action packed display of energy and enthusiasm around QR codes, social media and multi-media. Presentation is unavailable

Chris Waring (@cwaring)

Chris is the creative lead at Talis working on bringing Semantic Web technologies to the marketplace. He discussed the workings of the Semantic web, placing it in context to the history of web allowing the audience to gather an understanding of both its concept and importance. The Journey of Linked Data.

Kirstie Beaven (@kirstie_b)

Kirstie is a producer of Interactive Media at the Tate and concentrates on finding ways to engage online audiences. She discussed methods which the Tate uses on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter) and micro sites which target specific audiences. Join In – reaching and valuing your audience

Gail Durbin (@Gail_Durbin)

Gail Durbin is the Head of V&A Online where she is currently responsible for digital and media projects. She discussed some of the ways they actively engage users in the museum’s collections via particular social media methods, we also had a sneak preview of the new V&A website. Presentation is unavailable

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