Teach First – a Drupal Case Study

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Leon Tong on 29 Oct, 2015

Brightlemon were proud to be chosen as the agency to build Teach First’s website. We recently caught up with one of the project team to discuss the site and why Drupal was such a great choice for Teach First.

Why was Drupal a good fit for this project?

With over 9000 users, Teach First is a thriving community.  Everyday hundreds of posts, events and groups are created by users. A site this size really benefits from the open source nature of Drupal, we were able to quickly create custom groups and forum systems where users can post questions and start conversations, libraries were any user can upload lesson plans and content. Events with pre allocated seating for users at different levels or from different yearly intakes and content which is only pushed to users in particular areas of the country.

During development what problems were faced and how did you work with Drupal / the client to solve these problems?

The salesforce integration was always the biggest problem due to the complex nature of users and the amount of different user types. We worked with Teach First to alter data structures and create custom mappings between the two systems.

What specific feature did you like most about this project?

There were so many different modules involved in building each section of the site. This included geolocation, messaging, discussion groups and email alerts.

Custom versus Native Drupal? 

The Teach First community was our first mobile first sites, designed to be easily used on a tablet with sideways swiping elements to make it easy to browse through information. Using Drupal’s Views and some jQuery plugins it was easy to create lists of related content and events that were easy to navigate on touch based devices.

Is there anything you’d like to add to additional phases?

Removing unused areas and replacing anything that still uses the panels module could make the site a lot lighter/faster. 

In what ways does this project showcase BrightLemon putting the User Experience first?

The adaptive design and the fact it works well on touch based devices.

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