Top Tips for Getting a Job at Brightlemon

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Monique Canuti on 23 Mar, 2015

So as well as ensuring all our current staff are well looked after I am also responsible for recruiting new employees at BrightLemon.

1.  What are we looking for?

A great personality with a dedication and passion for building and improving online community content management systems for some of the worlds biggest and most meaningful companies!

2.  How can you make your CV stand out to us?

Your CV will initally be read by the HR Manager who will pass it to the Recruiting Manager so think about the audiences you need to get the attention of.  Make sure it is only 2-3 pages long.

Your Skills:

  • Write about your experiences as proof that you’ve actually used the tools you mention, and have formed an opinion on them.
  • Putting certain skills in bold looks a little weird, but helps HR and the Recruiting Manager find keywords mentioned in the job specification.
  • Demonstrate understanding by highlighting interesting technical facets of things you have previously worked on.
  • If you have a technical blog, link to it.

Your Work Experience:

  • Don’t list every job ever, three or four most recent and relevant jobs and any others that are relevant as job title and dates only.
  • Lump up non-technical jobs as a line item and ensure you include unexplained large absences from employment.
  • Name-drop projects you have previously worked on.
  • Include a reason for leaving your most relevant jobs.

Your Personality:

  • We want fun people to work with us – let this shine through on your CV (it is very important)
  • What makes you the person we want to interview to work with us.

Here are some links to tips on writing a CV –

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