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Leon Tong on 04 Mar, 2011

We would like to share the work of Andy Batey and Hardip Sanghera, two attendees of our Introducing and Advanced Drupal training sessions back in November. Three months later the two have completed their first Drupal site for Cambridge University’s Institute of Astronomy. The Institute is part of the Faculty of Physics and Chemistry within the School of the Physical Sciences of The University of Cambridge and compromises 63 students and 26 support staff.

cambridgeuniversitydrupalThe two courses included Introducing Drupal and Advanced Drupal development with Views and CCK and the intention for them both was to take people from a novice/intermediate level to a Drupal expert in two days. Points covered included the CCK module, basic field types, user reference fields, building views of content and using node/user references.

Site information

Here are some notes on the site from Andy Batey, Computer Officer at University of Cambridge:

Development time: It took around 12 months to complete, although most of the technical work was done in the last 4 months, the preceding time was primarily getting requirements from the academics.

Problems found/solved: Bringing in data from an external database proved to be more challenging than expected, partly due to the way it had been implemented, the solution was to pull it into a separate local database to bring the records together in the way we needed and then use that to provide the information for use on the Drupal pages.

 of Drupal:

How the training helped: Understanding the possibilities with CCK and Views primarily, although we had read about their use to fully appreciate the power and flexibility it benefited us to learn from Ronald’s experience. Having a solid grounding in the basics of Drupal, as Ronald so ably gave, has been very useful to build knowledge on from further reading and experimenting.

Notes on the Drupal training: Drupal training is best delivered by somebody who is working with it day to day and that it just what we got, a brilliant trainer who really knows his stuff. The training Brightlemon give is at just the right level to ensure that you go away armed with exactly the skills you require to start working in Drupal straight away.

The training is flexible enough to cover areas of particular interest to participants while keeping it relevant to all. Everybody we dealt with at Brightlemon was friendly and helpful. I recommend these training courses and look forward to future courses at Brightlemon.

Upcoming courses

We had a number of suggestions from the attendees in November that a more in-depth look into the intermediate and advanced aspects of Drupal would be useful, especially considering there’s so much to cover!

This is why we decided to host the Drupal In-Depth training week later this month. The week will include back-to-back workshops which include:

  • Introducing Drupal – March 28th & 29th
  • Advanced Drupal – March 30th & 31th
  • Learning Drupal 7 – April 1st


Register for either one individually, or register for the whole week and save. As an added bonus we dedicate a day to introducing the newly released Drupal 7 free.

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