University of Dammam to Build New Website Using Drupal

Posted by Clare Holden

Creating an international education platform

After a succession of very positive education sector projects in 2013, we are happy to announce a new partnership to add to the list. It takes the form of a Drupal website project for Saudi Arabia’s University of Dammam. The majority of our previous education projects have been for clients based in the UK – an exception being our work with China’s division of British Council where we built a site for English-learners with Chinese language capabilities. We have also produced a site with different language options, for example, our Amnesty International site can be viewed in English, Arabic, French and Spanish.

The University of Dammam, however, is one of the first truly international projects we’ve started work on – though it marks the first of many. It will also be a multilingual platform available in both Arabic and English.

Building student-specific site features

The University of Dammam is located in Dammam, one of Saudi Arabia’s largest cities. Founded in 1975, the university is seeking to maintain its reputation as a modern and highly regarded University of the Middle East via the implementation of this new website.

Our two University of Cambridge web development projects have been a key reference for the University of Damman’s stakeholders during these initial project phases. They recognised the student site necessities that we implemented on to the Cambridge website and saw benefits that were relevant to their own needs as a student-based institution.

Discovering Dammam’s needs

Before we get stuck into development work, there is still plenty to be done in terms of Discovery. User analysis, design, solution architecture, roadmaps, page structure, profiles, processes and workflows, documentation and content will all be discussed in fine detail so as to steer on to the most suitable and beneficial track for everyone involved.

Working together

Working with us on this project are the London graphic and web design company, Inspiral Design. With three key organisation inputs going into this project: University of Dammam, BrightLemon and Inspiral Design, we will be pulling together our strengths to build this essential platform for Dammam’s existing students, potential students, and other users who may need to access information on the university.

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