Viacom Eyes Silicon Roundabout for Drupal Solution

by Edward Davies

The media giant Viacom is re-building its press web site and has awarded the project to BrightLemon.

Viacom selected BrightLemon against some of the biggest and best agencies in the UK to build a press site for its 3 biggest brands MTVNickelodeon and Comedy Central.

The press sites must be designed in a way that it is both easy for journalists to access information and easy for admin staff to create and edit content. 

Drupal (which already supports the MTV UK site) was specified as the development platform of choice because of its user-friendly content management system. The site will be used by many admin staff across the three brands and so it is essential that the ability to edit and upload is quick and easy to learn.

BrightLemon get working on the MTV press site

We were able to meet this specification by going through a discovery phase with Viacom and completing the BrightLemon Client Pack. This process assessed the needs of each user type so that the websites would be built with user-centricity at the heart of development.

The names MTV and Nickelodeon are instantly synonymous with young people, trend-setting and popular culture. Comedy Central is known worldwide as the premier destination for comedy entertainment. I think it is really encouraging for the industry that large and well-established companies like Viacom UK are looking to Silicon Roundabout.