Open Source Is Collective Power in Action

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Leon Tong on 09 Jul, 2012

The BrightLemon developer team are specialists in manipulating the Drupal framework we use to build our client’s websites. As such, they contribute to and resource information from the open source Drupal community. BrightLemon 

 proud to announce our sponsorship of the upcoming European DrupalCon event in Munich to show our support for the open source community we actively participate in.


The Drupal open community is one of the world’s largest of its sort featuring over 800,000 users and 19,000 developers. Drupal does not employ any support or development staff, instead, users and developers of Drupal (like us) are entirely reliant on the shared ‘open source’ knowledge from within its community.

Whether the community is collaboratively solving a development issue or improving user built modules, the open knowledge and information shared throughout the community is undoubtedly the main resource users and developers have. “Open source is collective power” is the mantra that resonates throughout and drives users to share knowledge.

The lead developer in the build of Drupal; Dries Buytaert has observed:

“It’s really the Drupal community and not so much the software that makes the Drupal project what it is. So fostering the Drupal community is actually more important than just managing the code base.”

Amongst the training opportunities and code sprints that will take place at DrupalCon Munich is a speech by Buytaert on his view of the state of Drupal and the direction the “project” is headed. Drupal Conventions have risen in attendance year on year in line with the rise in the size of the online community. This year’s event will demonstrate developments that will continue to evolve and enhance Drupal for its users and developers.

We are looking forward to participating in DrupalCon Munich this August and are delighted to be supporting the community both on and offline.

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