Youth Music – a Drupal Case Study

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Audrius Vaitonis on 29 Oct, 2015

Youth Music contracted BrightLemon to migrate their existing Drupal 6 (D6) site to a newer, more stable and reliable version of Drupal. We caught up with Audrius, one of our talented Drupal developers, to ask him a few questions about the project.

Why did the migration need to take place?

Moving to a newer version of Drupal meant that the solution was cheaper, faster, future proofed and more secure. Drupal is also discontinuing support for D6 as soon as Drupal 8 is released, so this move was certainly timed correctly by our client.

During development what problems were faced and how did you work with Drupal / the client to solve these problems?

We experienced issues with memory allocation on the virtual private server. Collaboration with the hosting company helped to solve this issue.

What specific feature did you like most about this project?

The previous incarnation of the site suffered from spam attacks and we were tasked with solving this problem and preventing further attacks. I really enjoyed this challenge and after investigating the issue, I created a custom module for detecting and removing existing spam. 

Custom versus Native Drupal?

Most features on this website are native or come from contributed modules from the Drupal community. This allows for easy maintenance. One very helpful module was Mollom, a paid anti spam service which is perfect for websites with user generated content. This useful module analyses all content/form information going into the site and if it suspects the content to be spam, forces the user to solve a CAPTCHA challenge. To ensure accessibility for the visually impaired, CAPTCHA challenges come in both image and audio format, so users can choose whichever format they feel most comfortable with.

In what ways does this project showcase BrightLemon putting the User Experience first?

We provided non obtrusive spam protection which stops unwanted content and has minimal impact for the genuine users. We’ve also simplified the roles and workflows for “Group Administrators” and “Organisation Administrators”, to streamline the user experience.

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