Youth Music Selects Brightlemon

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Audrius Vaitonis on 22 Oct, 2013

The Youth Music Network is a UK charity whose aim is to improve the lives of children via music. Since founding in 1999, they’ve already helped 2.5 million children to make music, supporting their abilities via donations from a range of sponsors.

In order to maintain the growth of this positive impact they have on young people from across the country, Youth Music has chosen BrightLemon to upgrade and redevelop their online community in order to strengthen their existing services and benefit their users even further.

Promoting positivity via an online community

The organisations we work with recognise the positivity that can be driven and promoted via strong social communities. Many key features that form our Drupal online communities can be used as motivational tools and are very beneficial in helping charitable organisations boost awareness of their cause. Youth Music is now in the process of having this cohesive element of their online presence upgraded via the implementation of improved functions and features. They will be joining the other UK-based and international charities that make up a large part of our client list.

Defining features

As with all our projects, we conducted intensive Discovery phase workshops with Youth Music in order to define all the necessary features and requirements of the project. The Discovery served as a time for both parties to input ideas and for BrightLemon to apply all the necessary Drupal, technical and business analysis knowledge. Through a combination of these ideas, we developed plans for the online community upgrade based on the overall Youth Music Network aim: to serve as space for professionals to access and share a huge range of music education resources’, and form the ‘main gateway for accessing Youth Music funding.’

Reaching out to a range of audiences

Another key output of the Discovery phase was to define user types that the newly developed site will be aimed at. As a charity that prides itself on accessibility, Youth Music needs it to be available to a variety of user types. We will develop site design and features in order to cater to a wide audience range, and are referring to diversity in terms of age, relationship with music education (i.e. teacher, student), particular interest and level of digital savviness.

By improving navigation it will be easier and more appealing for users to engage with site features, therefore benefitting both Youth Music and their audiences, and setting up a platform for longer-term increased engagement.

We are pleased to be able to input our experience and knowledge into the growth of this positive music charity, and look forward to seeing the benefits that the completion of the project brings!

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