How to Persuade a Crowd

In the first of our series of blogs about Groupology, we explain how to persuade a crowd and why this knowledge is useful for creating online communities.

How to Sell to the UK Public Sector

GovTech experts at techUK gave us an inside look at cracking the code to one of the toughest markets in the UK. We share the secrets in this blog.

How Many Friends Do You Really Need?

What is the maximum number of friends you can have? Using the social intelligence theory, we explain why this is so important in the social world of digital.

How to be Human in a Machine Age

Machine intelligence is dominating our society. But how much can we trust and rely on these AI systems? We uncover the answers to this with Dr Hannah Fry.

How to Build a Mass Movement

BrightLemon attended a talk by social entrepreneur Jeremy Heimans. Here’s what we learn about mass movements and how it can be applied to online community.

Building the Smarter State with SME’s

Our Director, Leon Tong, spoke at techUK’s Building the Smarter State conference on how we can make it easier for SME’s to work with public services.