Case Studies

Platform Development and Flagship Web Site for the University of Cambridge

Our engagement with the University of Cambridge began with technical training for one of their departments.

This led to being asked to rebuild the flagship University of Cambridge web site (

This project also addressed the problem of over 1,000 disparate University web sites. The solution began the process of uniting the diaspora under a single parent brand, using a standardised library of components.

Thanks to: this project was delivered in partnership with Head London and the Cambridge University Administrative Service.

We knew we wanted to evolve our websites to be smarter, and more usable across as many devices as possible. The inclusion of BrightLemon’s work in this process has ensured we can meet these aims, without compromising the volume and quality of our world-class content.


Civil Service Job Share Finder for Civil Service Resourcing

Closely following the Government Digital Service (GDS) “Digital by Default” Service Standard phases of Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live, the Civil Service Job Share Finder underwent ongoing user testing, accessibility compliance, and stringent GDS assessments throughout its initial build.

This rigour and user centric approach helped the Platform go on to achieve a very high level of user satisfaction across the Civil Service user base, exemplar accessibility standards and led to the project winning multiple awards.

With thanks to: Brian Stanislas MBE, Civil Service Job Share Product Manager.

The Civil Service Job Share Finder was nominated for, and won, multiple awards and also highlighted by the UK’s most senior civil servant as “one of five reasons for the Civil Service to cheer”


My Health London, Young People’s Portal, and Well Happy App for NHS London

Working with NHS London and Reading Room led to extensive development of a London wide health portal, a young people’s portal, and an app for mental and sexual health (in collaboration with Young Minds, Living Well and txtm8).

With thanks to: Young Minds, Living Well, txtm8 and NHS London.

BrightLemon worked with us from the beginning… they were also more than happy to collaborate with other organisations and often led the joint working with our developers.


Inward Investment Platform for Department for International Trade

An inward investment platform for the Department for International Trade (DIT, formerly UKTI, UK Trade and Investment) involved personalisation, user centric design and clear user journeys.

Similar to the work with the Civil Service, the DIT project closely followed the Government Digital Service (GDS) “Digital by Default” Service Standard.

With thanks to: the Department for International Trade.

BrightLemon have been one of the most accommodating companies we have worked with. Delivering a project for a government department brings its own particular demands and they were extremely good at switching priorities and taking a flexible approach. Their help and expertise has extended far beyond the relatively narrow remit…

The final product has won praise within our own organisation and amongst the potential clients we are seeking to attract and we are delighted to appear on the client list of such a professional team.


Online Collaboration Platform for the Department of Education

Secure registration and validation via integration with the Department for Education’s Edubase kicked off the build of a platform that, in under 3 months, signed up 10% of schools in England and Wales and represented over 1,000,000 students.

User generated content (video, audio, images and words) was shared via student and school profiles in a secure online community with over 150 partners including HSBC and Tesco.

With thanks to: the Department for Education, Creativity, Culture and Education.

The site played a vital role in our reaching targets of 10% of the nation’s school population, with over 2,500 schools and organisations registering and over 1 million students and teachers participating directly…

The platform built by BrightLemon helped us manage registration, validation and content and create a safe user friendly environment.


Higher Nationals Global Platform and Annual Programme for Monitoring & Reporting for Pearson

The Higher Nationals Platform integrated with both EBSCO (an information service provider) and Arbor (management information system) to provide a global platform for higher level qualifications (HND and BTEC). This served an audience of over 60 countries.

Every year partners and test centres now provide secure and detailed data via the Annual Programme for Monitoring and Reporting (APMR) system. Advanced workflow, notification and reporting led to significant savings in time and costs.

With thanks to: Arbor, EBSCO, Pearson HN, and Pearson APMR.

Nearly 1 in 4 students in the UK who got into university did so with a BTEC

There are 784 approved centres in 60 countries