NHS London

In partnership with the State of Mind manifesto for mental health, the NHS initiated a plan to reach out to the young people of London.
MyHealthLondon had already commissioned the build for a health-focussed online community site aimed at adult Londoners.
Then, after the success of the first one, they realised the benefits that a sister site aimed at 12 to 25-year-olds could bring.


The NHS was concerned that some young people may not always look for help and support with certain physical, mental, relationship, drug, and alcohol problems.
They came to us, as well as another digital agency, with this project with the aim of combating (and hopefully, one day, eradicating) any hesitations or lack of interest young Londoners may have in these topics.
For this young demographic, the project required a community that could be adapted for use on desktop, tablet and mobile.


01.A number of physical, mental, and sexual health issues are addressed on the community, and support links and services are provided for each searchable by topic – colour-codes were added to the topics for simplified categorisation.02.A crisis link was implemented that users can visit if they have a more urgent enquiry and included an easy-to-use navigation system for all three platforms so users of all level would easily be able to reach their online goals.

quotation-mark-openBrightLemon worked with us right from the beginning of the WellHappy app project to help us develop the look and feel of our product. They were also more than happy to collaborate with other organisations and often led the joint working with our developers.quotation-mark-close